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Sales Training Courses, Seminars & Solutions

Welcome to the Sales Training Institute where we work with you and your organization to strengthen sales success through our onsite sales skills course, intensive sales coaching, and sales keynotes. At the Sales Training Institute, we offer an array of sales skill development programs to grow expertise in building relationships, uncovering needs, and supporting buying decisions. All of our sales skills courses include a detailed exploration of our innovative S.H.A.R.E.S. Selling Process and are based on our unique model of Mutuality, Proactivity and R.E.S.P.E.C.T.™.

The ability to sell consultatively, versus transactionally, is essential to short-term success and long-term customer retention. Yet many sales professionals need help recognizing ineffective selling practices, learning new consultative selling skills, and applying them to your products. This is where powerful sales skills training comes into play. By heightening self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management during the sales process, via effective training in sales, your sales staff can effect major improvements in buying outcomes. Drawing upon decades of sales experience, our training facilitators help you and your team understand and apply new approaches to the sales process that work in our changing times. All of our sales skills training courses involve interactive skill-based exercises, dynamic role-plays and hands-on tools that keep your participants highly engaged.

Corporate Sales Skills Training At Your Site

Training in Sales takes your team to the next level of sales skills whether they are new to the sales role or seasoned professionals. Our experienced sales skills course facilitators deliver our one and two day sales skills courses at your site. While we’re happy to travel to any city to meet your sales skills training need, our onsite sales skills training frequently occur in hubs such as Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto or Washington DC. Based on your input, our training facilitators tailor the experiential learning exercises and discussions to the unique aspects of sales in your industry. All of our sales training programs incorporate theory, practice and hands-on applications using our S.H.A.R.E.S. Selling Process. For information on specific Sales Training Programs please click on the following links: Sales Success™, Sales For Non-Sales Professionals™, The New Sales Manager’s Handbook™, Sales for Call Center Staff™, Sales for Customer Service Reps™, and How to Train Your Sales Team™

Customized Selling Skills Training For Your Organization

Our experienced sales trainers customize our onsite sales skills course to best suit your organization. Our sales facilitators have experience working with seasoned sales professionals, non-sales professionals, call center representatives, new and long-term sales managers, sales for customer service reps, and train-the-trainer programs. Our acclaimed training in sales enables you to practice your new sales skills, explore with role-plays, learn from expert instructors, and get valuable feedback on selling skills. Through our range of training solutions, we help professionals grow understanding of the buying relationship, build effective communication, and increase comfort with the sales process. For an overview of our onsite sales skills courses please click here to learn about our sales training seminars. Our experienced facilitators also have the ability to customize sales skills training for your industry or staff group including: Sales Skills Training for New Hires, Sales Skills Training for Field Reps, Sales Skills Course Training for Seasoned Sales Professionals, Sales Skills Course Training for Sales Managers, Sales Skills Course Training in IT Industries, Sales Skills Course Training for Technical Support Staff, Selling Skills Course Training in Call Centers, and Selling Skills Course Training for Customer Service Representatives.

One Day Selling Skills Coaching Intensives

Our popular one-on-one Sales Coaching Intensive blends just the right amount of sales skills instruction, coaching and discussion to help participants arrive at new learning that impacts their relationships with buyers, their communication skills, and their ability to close more sales. This unique sales skills program is delivered onsite at your company as a one-on-one event. We frequently work with new sales staff, recent transfers from other parts of the organization, or existing members of the sales team who want to boost their sales performance. Since this is a tailored sales coaching program, we work with each participant to learn about their particular industry, products, services, goals, and existing selling relationships. We provide the Sales Coaching Intensives for many different members of your sales team including new hires, newly assigned field representatives, seasoned sales professionals, new and transitioning sales professionals, technical sales staff, sales support staff, call center sales staff, and customer service sales reps. With each and every sales coaching intensive a full needs assessment prior to the session assists in meeting your organizational needs.

Sales Keynote Speaker Events

Do you have a new sales target you’re trying to achieve? Not sure your sales team has the necessary motivation? Want to get some energy into your sales group? If you need help getting all members of your sales team focused on sales success then invite our experienced sales speaker to your company site or sales association for a refreshing reboot. Drawing on decades of sales experience, our keynote speakers will work with you to bring the right balance of theory, energy and interaction to your sales event. We can provide keynotes from one hour to three hours or more based on your organizational goals. We have expertise with interactive approaches that keep your employee group engaged and wanting more. We can coordinate several keynote events at multiple company sites. We also suggest considering a sales keynote event to spearhead the rollout of a large onsite sales training program. Let’s work together to determine the best way to coordinate sales efforts for overall sales success. We can present on the following topics:

  • Sales Skills Training For New Hires
  • Sales Skills Training For Customer Service Reps
  • Selling Skills Training For Junior Employees
  • Selling Skills Training To Energize Sales Teams
  • Selling Skills Training For Support Staff
  • Training in Sales For IT Support
  • Training in Sales For Client Service Reps
  • Training in Sales For Hospitality Staff

Looking For Other Types of Training?

If you need to build performance in skills other than sales, check out these other resources for training courses & seminars:

Contact us for Sales Training Solutions

Contact Sales Training Institute for training solutions to improve your sales performance. We provide onsite sales training seminars, intensive sales skills coaching, or sales keynote speaker programs. We deliver training solutions in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto, Washington and at any and all other locations around the globe. Call us at 1-800-501-1245 to discuss our sales training solutions. Let us help you select the right solution for your team whether it’s an onsite sales training seminar, a sales skills coaching intensive, or our sales keynote speaker session.

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